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A Web Development and Technology Company

Digital Solutions with a Personal Touch

About Us

Storytime Solutions is a technology-first company focused on delivering digital solutions to our client’s biggest problems.  We partner with you to understand your issues and to propose and create solutions that empower your business. We are based in Chesapeake, Virginia and have clients across the country that range from international non-profits to regional small businesses.  Regardless of your organization’s size, niche, or budget, you will find we are eager to understand and work through your challenges to build a long-lasting partnership where you receive the best value.

Our Clients

We have some of the best clients in the world and their problems and challenges continue to motivate us to continuously improve and innovate.  The results speak for themselves. Please explore a subset of our clients.

Our Services

Storytime Solutions is well equipped to provide a wide range of solutions to address your specific problem within your budget.  View our most popular services below.

Website Development

Website Maintenance

Web Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Email Configuration

Process Automation and Optimization

The Storytime Solutions Difference

Storytime Solutions strives to be a simple, transparent, and superior company to work with than any other you may have worked with previously.  We believe through clear communication and incredible results we can gain your trust which will be the ultimate reason you become and repeat as a happy customer.

Personal Service

With Storytime Solutions, the client knows every, single person working on their account from start to finish by their first name.

Regular, Visible Progress

We develop using an Agile framework which highlights our desire to be transparent and honest.  You will get to provide feedback early and often and we think that is a good thing.

Clear, Fixed Pricing

When we quote you a price for a service, you can rest assured that is the price you will pay.  Hidden fees or escalating costs due to unforeseen issues don’t exist here. Sorry.

Self-Sufficient Solutions

Our goal is to deliver a product or service that you can maintain as much as possible.  We want you to come back to us with more work because we make your life easier; not because you have to get anything done.

We Reject Work

We can’t do everything and we’re okay with that.  If we can’t provide the service you need, we want you to find an expert who can – and we may even help you find them.  Our ultimate goal is a satisfied client and not reaching a sales target.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We will do anything and everything we can to make sure you are a happy customer including canceling contracts.  If you aren’t a happy customer, we aren’t happy. And we want to be happy.

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